Children’s nursery in Liverpool

At Dandelion Days Nursery, we aim to create a variety of learning experiences based on your child's individual interests. Speak to a member of our team today for more information.

What we provide for toddlers


Weekly yoga classes


A plantation area

to inspire the children to look after the environment


Colourful environment

to improve their imagination

paint palette

Art and creativity


Effective education

encouraging your child to develop good speech, skills and much more


Helping your toddlers grow

Are you looking for a reputable nursery with highly qualified professionals who can understand your child’s needs? If so, you have come to the right place. At Dandelion Days Nursery, we provide high-quality nursery education for children in the early years’ age group. This is an important time in a child’s growth and our staff will help them learn and develop their skills, while preparing them for their next stage.

Toddler room

The toddler room, also called the Butterfly Room, is for children from 2 to 3 years old.  Once your child is ready, they will move into the Butterfly Room, where staff will provide a range of stimulating and exciting activities to help support your child to flourish and grow. We also have a planting area in the outdoor play area for your child to enjoy. A qualified yoga instructor is appointed for our weekly yoga classes. In addition to our baby room and toddler room, we also have a preschool room.

Dandelion Days Nursery is a well-known children’s nursery in Liverpool.

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